About us

About us

Ukrainian Youth Aerospace Association “Suzirya” is an educational and scientific public youth organization set up in 1991. It was initiated and supported by Production Association A.M. Makarov Pivdennyi Machine-Building Plant and M.K.Yangel State Design Office “Pivdenne”. Its creation was aimed at youth interest promotion in space research, learning of aerospace history, providing conditions for their creative abilities development, enhancing mathematics and sciences competencies, acquiring practical skills of engineering and modeling.

Our history

As a result of the 1991 collapse of the USSR then existing Dnipropetrovsk regional chapter of All-Union youth aerospace partnership “Union” transformed into Ukrainian Youth Aerospace Association “Suzirya” aimed at promoting conditions to meet cognitive and creative needs of youth and children interested in astronautics and aviation. Volodymyr Utkin, General Designer of the State Design Office “Pivdenne”, headed the organization as the first President of and Oleh Petrov became Chief of Board.

In 1993 Aerospace Extramural School was established. Schoolchildren from not only big cities but also from small towns and villages were enabled to learn deeper physics of space flight, be aware of history of flying vehicles, acquire skills of space rocket modeling, become familiar with philosophic notions of Man and Universe.

Since 1998 three-year courses of “Astronomy” and “Space Physics and Ecology” have been introduced.

In June 1996 at the initiative of the State Space Agency of Ukraine and UYAA “Suzirya” the A. M. Makarov National Aerospace Educational Center of Youth was established by the President’s of Ukraine Decree.

1994 was a kick-off for international acceptance of the UYAA “Suzirya”. Being engaged in youth aerospace education our organization started to establish contacts with foreign partners, be more closely involved in the aerospace international events. In August 1994 UYAA “Suzirya” hosted 7th International Conference of Young Astronauts in Kyiv. Delegations from 9 countries participated in it.

In September 1997 “Suzirya” contributed to students’ group “Euroavia-Suzirya-Kyiv” setting up to present Ukrainian aerospace industry and education on international level.

In 1992 and in 1998 UYAA “Suzirya” joined Young Astronauts International and EUROAVIA (European Association of Aerospace Students) correspondingly.

Until recently the winners of All-Ukrainian contests held by UYAA “Suzirya” were awarded by recovery and recreation in two Crimea summer camps (one of them is distinguished Artek). But after the Russian annexation of Crimea such an opportunity was cut off. Similar problem arose during Yanukovych presidency with our “Zoryanyi” education and recovery hub near Kyiv.

In 2000 an education and recovery center in Chernigiv region started its operation for children who suffered the effects of the Chernobyl accident as well as for orphans, low-income family children, kids from families with many children.

“Suzirya” has obtained an immense experience of organizing different events for children and youth. Beginning from 1991 among the most important actions being arranged by our organization are: “Peaceful Space” and “Space Fantasies” annual contests, International M.K. Yangel Cup and All Ukrainian M.I.Kibalchich Cup Rocket modeling competitions. Since 1997 the first one has a status of World Cup Rocket modeling competitions round.

Within 25 years more than 2 million children from all over Ukraine have been participated in our events.

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